BBC Dance Mat Typing Level 5 Stage 13

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Did you see the big picture now? Congrats you are cool! It must be very difficult for you to come here, many obstacles you pass from the first stage, you are a typist! This is a festive celebration, many people present tonight greet you! Welcome to this great and magnificent stage you see! Now you can imagine you are the star, you are a cool person! Look at the seat in the corner! Focus your eyes to see it again! They are full of spectators and to watch you!.

You must know the man with the microphone! yes! He is a rock star in the first stage and he also makes hot chocolate for me, and I miss the taste of chocolate covered with almond syrup, it really is not forgotten, OMG let us continue. I think you must realize that there are many familiar faces that I see on this stage. Yes !, this is a band member for tonight is a character from stage 1 to stage 11 all gathered here to enliven the atmosphere to play BBC Dance Mat Typing level 5 stage 13.

The stage is bigger and more beautiful and cool than the other stage, and the warming round is still there that you can learn again. However, this method is more difficult than before. You should really understand what you have learned during the last 11 lessons because you can complete all the tasks successfully. Go back to the previous stage where you also did not learn the information if you can not complete all the tasks.

Today you will learn something you have not seen in the last eleven stages you have passed and you must warm up first to continue BBC Dance Mat Typing level 5 stage 13 with a combination. This time, you’ll hold one button and type in another key to make the correct letter or flag. Do not be afraid, Mr. Goat will guide you.

The important thing to remember is the shift button that is near the Z key. This is an excellent assistant. If you want to type in capital letters, you need to press the shift key near the Z key and hold it with your left little finger when you want to type the letters controlled by your right hand, then type the letters. With the other hand, use your right little finger to hold down and hold the right shift key when you want to type the letters controlled by your left hand, then type the letters. Shift plus slash is the same as a question mark. The last thing I need to mention is to use the left shift key because the slash button is controlled by your right hand.

Hey your kids have apparently been reading this article until the last paragraph !, have you learned all this with me? Well you guys should also Remember, only the exercises can do the trick, from now on you have to keep practicing to be an expert! Thank you for reading the fragment of the story in this article hopefully can add your insight. See you in the next article and story!

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