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You will party now! The purpose of this colorful Mat Typing Game is to get as many points as possible with the BBC Typing Dance Mat SDFJKL newspaper as the bubbles move on the screen according to the beautiful melody. You can choose dance levels from three different songs, which will affect how many bubbles or letters will be on the screen at the same time as you study. The number of simultaneous letters on the screen will change based on the existing music level. The game will end when the selected song ends, while you will see the left time slider at the bottom of the screen you can see now !.

The scorers are The number of each valuable bubble will increase when the bubble reaches the visible mark in the middle area of ​​the screen that you can see for yourself. If you miss a bubble or hit the wrong button when you touch, you will lose 400 points. If you type the letter exactly in the middle of the vision, it will print 400 points you have. All bubbles will appear based on melody with bass on the left side and a higher sound on the right side. You will also see a background pulse visualized according to the existing theme.

You need two hands lift now! Show it to Mr. Goat, six fingers set up now, in this game. Keep your finger always ready in the home row position of SDFJKL. When starting this game, please first make sure the computer speakers are enabled to hear songs in Dance Mat typing. If there is a problem with the game that appears, please use another web browser such as Mozila which is always a good choice. There are Some legacy web browsers may not be able to analyze the song at all while flying, and the game can not generate the bubbles properly on the screen it sucks. In case of this problem, there is a warning message and always six bubbles on the screen that you can see for yourself.

Please note that you can press several buttons simultaneously if you need to combine them. When the game ends, you will see the current score and you can press the space key under your keyboard to restart the game with the same or another song you have passed. The current version features three different genres of music: electric music, relaxing melodies and happy and lively happy songs.

This game is suitable for children ages six to eleven, especially for beginner level typing lessons from the basic stage. The main educational goal of this educative game is to teach motor skills training for both left and right hands, to avoid peering at the keyboard and using the correct rhythm while typing and this is a different method. As students will use both of their hands at the same time and even several fingers at the same time easily, they usually can not do a sluggish one-fingered search, nine fingers relaxed and relaxed mode, where the child moves home fingers away From standard J and F positions. Since children will focus and concentrate on BBC Typing Dance Mat, touch home typing in this lesson, this new game will improve the memory of their keyboard count, the speed and accuracy of the day will get better.

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