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Hi Everyone I came back !, are you ready for today’s course ?. In this course there are a number of twelve stages divided into 4 levels that will help you learn typing from start to Dance Mat Typing all levels. Even if you do not have a clue about typing yesterday, you will be a typist who can type quickly without looking at your own keyboard as you complete all the tasks in these twelve stages that you will do one by one.

This modern era should have many typing courses, but most are of no interest to children or students due to the drab workouts and low quality and very boring pictures. By way of BBC typing course you will play this. You will experience different learning methods with others.

Well, let me give you a general introduction to the BBC typing class – Dance Mat Typing that I will explain now.

You will be guided by a number of different teachers in this crash course. They are animal characters from the first stage to the last stage, the first being Goat, Octopus, Chicken, Hips, Ninja Turtles, a Flamingo, Yak, a cute Giraffe, Ants, Cats and the Queen Snake. When you arrive at the last stage you will pass and you will meet the whole family Dance Mat Typing all levels there. And I can not wait to say there’s a big, cool party waiting for you there!

You will find some supporting characters that will guide you. They will give you some tips when you can not type in the right and correct keys, then they will give you credit when you complete your task today. Different background scenes are designed for each stage that you pass through in this typing-learning flash game, you will learn how to type while appreciating the beautiful scenery and fun. It will make you feel like you are traveling if you open your mind to imagine it and prepare your keyboard now !.

There will be different stages with different scenes and lots of differences that you will go through, tasks prepared with different objects and characters. For example, in the first stage, because Mr. Goats is a cool rock star, Your job is to destroy all the music discs at the bottom of the screen as you complete all the tasks you’ve done !. In stage 3 where the main cartoon character is a cute rooster, you need to break all the eggs on your monitor to complete all the tasks that have been given.

And you can now play everything in your home! You will have the ability to type experts. Do it all on a regular basis, you can do this at home by tightening your speaker volume, thank you for taking the time to read this article to complete, hope you guys are more expert. See you in the next BBC Dance Mat Typing article.

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