Dance Mat Typing for Kids

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Do you have children who want to learn to hone typing skills? If you read this article you are very lucky, Dance Mat Typing for kids by BBC designed for education is a good choice for you to teach children typing, this free game you can access on this page fun, interactive, and easy to use for kids use The system is complete with animated animal characters that will accompany them to learn typing, sound and graphic quality. The BBC provides a friendly menu or list and other cool things to make it easier for you and your kids to start the first phase using this game to effectively learn how to type and have fun.

This typing game is arranged as a series of four levels with three stages for each level You can also find it in the menu above, you can visit the official page of this game. Animated animal teachers will guide and take the children through each of the 12 stages they will work on, they will tell and show them where to place their finger on the keyboard they will touch, which fingers use to type a certain key by hand Cartoon screen of their device. At the end of every stage they go through, the team and their supporters will play a song that will enliven the atmosphere to celebrate the achievements of the children.

The game from the BBC will help your children learn to be better and better at understanding the fun and expert way of typing, surely this will give them a new experience in playing as well as learning. You do not need to register first to play this game, you can follow the clear instructions on your monitor and simple interface allows children to use them without the help of adults, they will be independent in playing the game, and this game 100% free, you guys Can have fun and study for free. Of course this is very interesting for you try now!

And one of the highlights of this flash is the music played by the supporting characters. Different cartoon characters will play different music genres with other characters. For example, rock star, Mr. Goats, will sing a rock roll song with a cool guitar playing, and Yak of Tibet will play some really lonely and mysterious Tibetan music will certainly make a different atmosphere, then this Flamingo will bring you some flaming Spanish-style flamenco music for you.

What I want to say is that BBC Dance Mat Typing for kids is very interesting and useful for beginners to learn to type. You will learn how to type quickly and expertly without looking at the keyboard while having fun and even drinking a cup of hot chocolate. You can try it after you finish reading this article. Thank you for reading this article until this paragraph, hopefully can help you get information about this typing game. See you in the next article, have a nice day, and experts in typing!

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