Dance Mat Typing Level 2 Stage 1

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Hello guys! Yesterday I just finished all the tasks of dance mat typing, a little tiring, I will go back to tell you about this level, you will be accompanied by hippos! Welcome back to the next lesson! Wow this is a new thing, you really cool to finish all the tasks and pass all the stages well From now on, you will learn at level 2! I am a dancing hippo from India. This is the first stage, I know that! Yesterday you studied with Mr. Goats, he is a reliable rock singer, I seem to miss him now.

You have to make hot chocolate first before getting a new show on the road that you are going to pass now! Well, you must be sure that you have studied all the letters of the 3 stages in level 1 and the lessons you have previously learned with Mr. Goats.

Let’s take a look at and touch the home row and some of the letters in the first row we learned in the warm-up first you can tighten your stomach and fingers. You have to eat the four apples and three of them are the letters R and U. This means you already remember all the letters we’ve learned so far! This Bravo is amazing!

Do not forget the task today, you will learn two new letters: Y and T that you can touch near the letters R and U. you can use your left index finger to press the FGRT key, which is on the keyboard and right finger to type JHUY . Practice with you Finger left left finger first, then your right index finger. Eat five apples Y and three apples T so, you your typing skills will increase rapidly and expertly!

Then you will enter the final round and in this round there are some comprehensive exercises that you will pass. You should use your left and right fingers to type the letters shown at the top of the screen that you can see yourself now on the keyboard. Then you might think it’s annoying that Hippo always snores and annoys you !. Do not worry about that calm down! After you successfully complete all the rounds, he will wake up and I will dance to congratulate you! And maybe next you can dance to celebrate your victory! The key is you have to stay focused on each lesson.

Come on! Take the ball with the Hippo! Enjoy your typing lessons in exotic and impressive India! Have fun with your fingers!

Maybe I will continue the other story in the next article, thank you for reading this article, hopefully useful for you, do not forget to share this article to your social media, to help many people in solving the problem. See you in the next article. Bye!

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