Dance Mat Typing Level 3 Stage 8

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Okay i will go back to tell the story! You will play with the monkeys, welcome to the beautiful and cool beaches. You will learn to type with me until all the turtles appear to give you a message. Look at the corner there is a little monkey, heat your finger to start to the row of houses. You type the letters you see at the top of your monitor screen. And forget all the burden on your finger to keep in mind what you have learned.

Warm your fingers, drink a cup of hot chocolate to start this, it’s easy to make the first two turtles appear and you’ll get used to it. But for the fourth and for the next stage, you have to keep in mind there will be a new letter you learned in this last lesson, I think you begin to understand. What is the next new button? Yes, they are M and V near the letters C and N that you can see on the keyboard. You should use your pointer to type it and make sure your index finger is clean. You can try not to see when you start typing. Because In this way you will be able to make progress faster and faster capabilities. Would you do it with that monkey?

Next lesson at Dance Mat Typing level 3 stage 8 something new. You put your pointer fingers will have a new movement that you can start now !. After the letter B that lies between V and N, which you will learn to type directly without any help, your left hand index finger will control the six letters V, G, F, T, R and B. from now on? Look at that rolling ball!

You guys are so cool! You can finish it Now let’s hit the second new letter for today of course spend your hot chocolate, then that will be controlled by your right index finger, N. So far, your right index finger also controls six letters, namely N, U, H , J, Y and M that are on your keyboard.

Hi little monkey! After completing all the tasks, all the turtles will appear. There’s a big surprise waiting for you! Right, dancing and singing party! Come on! Cheer up and wake up all those turtles and you can show them all! extraordinary! Applause for you guys!

Apparently the party is over and I feel very tired already typing this story so have to sleep. Thank you for reading this article up to this paragraph. Hopefully you can complete all tasks. See you in the next article, you can share this article to social media : facebook, twitter, google plus and others.

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