Dance Mat Typing Level 4 Stage 11

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Hello everyone! You do not hide, let’s go into this hole and play Dance Mat Typing! Do not forget to bring your hot chocolate. I am very happy with a little mix of almonds I seem to miss with Mr. Goat, he once made me a cup of hot chocolate with Hippos, it is a very beautiful memory, well friends prepare your 10 fingers now! Raise your hands up! Hip hip hooo hip hip hooo! Welcome this festivities with your hands!
Bring barbells and exercise well! So that your finger muscles are getting stronger to hit the keyboard, do not forget to sing with Mr. Goats for you to be a rock star!

Today you will learn some new lessons until all the lanterns are on. Do not forget to blow out the candle on my head, because i’m already annoyed with this, ok let’s continue Dance Mat Typing Level 4 Stage 11.

The first step you should put your hands in the row of houses then you should keep your fingers flexed. Type the letters at the top of your monitor screen and Do not forget the Z and X keys you just learned during the last lesson. And other apostrophes are controlled by the little finger of your right hand. Did you manage to ring a bell for you? Cool, stop messing around. Let’s practice, finish the rehearsals in the warm-up round and light the first four lanterns, more enterprising and more active! spirit.

Then let’s start learning about two new keys full stop signs and slashes also question marks that are on your keyboard. Use and place your right hand finger to press the full stop mark, and use your little finger from the same hand to type a slash. Complete all the exercises. You may have noticed that your own ring finger controls W, S and X with your left hand and L, O and the full stop sign is controlled with your right hand; Each small finger is responsible for Q, A, Z your left hand, P, semicolon, slash and apostrophes of your right hand, and still to relax in playing Dance Mat Typing Level 4 Stage 11.

At this stage you will go through some comprehensive exercises with both your right hand and your left hand in the last round. All the letters or marks you have learned before will be tested in this round and you must master them all. If you can not do it successfully at the first or second time get excited you can try harder and your typing skills will surely increase rapidly as you complete this task and you are an expert.

I hope you will never forget this hole. I hope you enjoy the fun and fun typing lessons on BBC Dance Mat Typing. Do not forget to practice from time to time until you master everything! Thank you for reading this article, hopefully can help add your insight, see you in the next article and story. I will spend the hot chocolate first.

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