Dance Mat Typing Stage 1 Level 1

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Hallo guys! I was drinking hot chocolate while writing this article, yesterday someone asked me about some level in Dance Mat Typing. Very interesting to be listened to, first I will start from first. Prepare your eyes to read this article, do not forget to prepare hot tea to melt the atmosphere, you can also try hot chocolate like me: P

You will play Dance Mat Typing stage 1 level 1 You will meet with Mr. Goat Rock and Roll This is the first lesson to type in, prepare your finger for warm up. Through this flash, you will learn how to type the keyboard by using your finger correctly and quickly. !

In this lesson, Mr. Goat will be your teacher. You just have to do the exercises by following the background sound that will enliven the game atmosphere. Once you type correctly and smoothly, funny music will sound like a compliment to be celebrated.

First is the home line that includes the letters ASDFGHJKL and the semicolon (;) or colon (:). Place your left and right index fingers on J and F, and let all other fingers easily touch other letters from the home row. Now you have the right gestures and practice from now on!

Next is the space bar that you can see yourself on your keyboard. You can type it with your thumb and now look at your thumb, then show it to the goat pack! Mr. Goat shows his face in the next step and says that this is a good time to check if you can type correctly and correctly the rows of homes and public spaces. There is a line between H and G that separates the row of houses into two parts. Part G is controlled by your left hand, part H is the area of ​​your right hand. Remember to move your index finger to type H and G on your keyboard. After learning this, you can drink a cup of hot tea first, a comprehensive exercise will be done, you can warm up first, breathe fresh air, and relax your finger muscles. Then you will hear the letters sung by Mr. Goat and singing songs that you can listen to. Then you can sing and dance with them to enjoy your success at this stage and you are cool! Stone and roll, now dead! Shout for Dance Mat Typing stage 1 level 1!

You can see the background Because of the colorful scenes and music that are nice and fun for you to follow, children can be very interested in this. They will focus on funny characters to attract attention and will feel happy as they type the right words, then they will be praised. Do not be afraid of typing wrong because there is a warning sound that says MY TYPE and the letter icon for typing will blink if you type wrong, take it easy! You are cool!

You’ve read this article until this paragraph, well you can start now! You can access it at Thank you for taking the time to read this article, hopefully after reading this article you will be more expert in typing. Have a nice day.

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