Dance Mat Typing Stage 7

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This time I was sharpening my hand’s ability with barbells to flex the muscles of the joints, my niece keeps annoying me when I play Dance Mat Typing stage 7, apparently so far I’m playing, okay I’ll go back to tell, let’s get started!

This time you will get a welcome from the high mountains! Hello, cool people! You have reached Dance Mat Typing stage 7. you will type until all gongs have been played quickly! You must warm first hand first so that your finger muscle muscles are trained, okay, I will show it! You will get a story about this stage in this article. You can warm up first, relax your muscle muscles, or maybe make a cup of hot to warm the atmosphere will start, please prepare your finger now on the typing board.

Right now you have to type in all the letters you see in the sky that you can see on your monitor, correctly and play the four gongs in the warm up round you’re about to skip. You have to remember what you have learned so far hand in the home row & press the Q and P letters that you can touch on the keyboard with your little fingers of course do not expect your finger to grow as well: P. It aims to Overcome what has You learned from other trainers you’ve passed during the previous stage, you must remember it. Those who know the Q and P keys almost know the entire alphabet on the buttons you touch!

You should be proud of what you have today! Skilled filers are not in a hurry and you just relax preparing a cup of hot coffee; Simply train your typing skills gradually follow the steps. The typing secret is no longer a secret now! Because you are the champion.

You will get some new mail, try to note and touch the V button near the letters C and B. Use your left index finger to type the letters in the third row of your hand. Now your left index finger controls the R-T-G-F and V that you can touch at this stage. Pay attention to the gong you use when doing the task that you will do until the next step and do not forget to keep drinking what you made earlier.

Then you will get a new mail again, the next command is the letter M As typing V in the previous stage, you can use the right index finger to touch M in the third row near the letter N and comma. Now your right index finger controls U-Y-H-J and M near the letter N you have to master well and you can do that!

Then I will put a small candle to train my concentration, maybe you can also try it at home. You now must know why I do that, because it will make the atmosphere more festive. But the first thing you have to finish all the tasks and play all the gongs you can see on the monitor. Adventure in this mysterious region and you will be able to learn typing skills by listening to these beautiful and cool music people you can join! You have to remember the more candles you see will illuminate your way to learn to type and keep learning by practicing your finger speed, thanks for reading this article until the last paragraph. Happy to play Dance Mat Typing, do not forget to share this article to your social media to be able to share information about Dance Mat Typing.

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