Dance Mat Typing Stage 9

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Hello! Meet again with me, this time I will tell you about the honey bee is very adorable, who will accompany you in continuing the next task at this stage. Well consider my story below!

Hi you ant! Little devotee how are you today? You have to have a lot of sugar that mom keeps in the closet! Give her some sugar to start her day with Qwenny You’ll be happy to be so! Today you will learn to type lessons until all the flowers on your monitor are opened with Queeny in a beautiful and fragrant garden. The little ant brings flowers to him and he will help you in your typing study and congratulate you great!

Prior to running the business today, we had to provide a brief overview of all the letters in the initial row that you received today and the first row and letters from the third row we had previously learned in the warm-up round you have been passing so well on stage . previous. Let’s see if your workers have really learned very well! After the review exercise let’s look at the two new letters in Dance Mat Typing stage 9.

The first letter of the day is key C, you have to use your left middle finger to press this button and you should also stay relaxed to unlock the start of a very fun game today. Then open all the flowers by completing the exercise successfully and do not forget to bring flowers to Queeny. Since morning he will give you a gift! But do not expect too much because Qwenny is fierce! It’s just the work of good workers who keep your fingers on the keyboard now!

Furthermore Qwenny will say that it is not actually a letter. This is the interpunction button: a comma. Use your right index finger to type in this key! The same rule applies: You open all four green flowers at the bottom of the screen and take them to Queeny for her to be happy.

Upon entering the final round there are five exercises for both right and left middle finger waiting for you! Do not be afraid to calm down; Because typing practice can be very funny! With a beautiful and cool herb, you will feel full of the energy you can today.

Once you’ve completed all the tasks today, you’ll find those really cool surprises! There will be many different insects going to dance and the beesbeest Queeny will sing a beautiful and adorable song! Come on Worker, your hard worker is cool, and you’ll pay off with everything you have right now! Enjoy typing lessons in this beautiful park!
Thank you for reading the story in this article until the last paragraph, you must have listened to the story on Dance Mat Typing stage 9 with Qweeny the funny and adorable bees who help you in learning. Hopefully this short story that I write is useful for you in getting information about Dance Mat Typing. Keep playing, practice your typing skills like experts! See you in the next article.

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